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Jesus is God Scriptural evidence

Peace from God The Gospel explained with scriptures

Guidance for Real Life Problems Life's answers to some of this world's greatest challenges


What's So Amazing About Grace? A compassionate and very insightful book about the value and need for grace in contrast to the predominance of "ungrace" in our world and churches. The author develops the multi-faceted concept of grace through true incidents and anecdotes. Beautifully written stories to ponder, marvel at and enjoy.

Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers Short chapters on the personal faith and the brilliant creativity of many of the great composers. A treasure for classical music lovers.

The Practice of the Presence of God If you seek peace, inexpressible joy and ease in the company of God, this book by a mystic monk is a classic gracing the shelves of many believers. It's not heavy but refreshing and soul opening.

Devotional Classics Few page excerpts from many of the classic Christian writers. The variety of authors provides a breadth and depth of relationships with the Lord they love.

Victory Over the Darkness It is true mental illnesses and emotional turbulences such as depression, anxiety attacks and bipolar disorder usually manifest physiological (biochemical) and psychological patterns. However, important spiritual patterns may be overlooked as primary causes of anguish and turbulence. This book is one of the most authoritative and caring in bringing to light sublime spiritual conflicts and God's truth for resolving and healing these issues. Recovery is available: many emotionally and mentally suffering persons have achieved freedom from darkness and delight in their "sound mind" as the Bible promises.