Kathy Stewart (Oak Ridge, TN)
Carla Vaughan (Montgomery, AL)
Mark Akers (Midland, IN)
Jackie Akers (Midland, IN)
Sherl Powell (Round Rock, TX)

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The following are a few of this month's inspiring examples of
People Helping Hurting People. These Caregivers will
be passing out Salvation Prayer and Poem Bookmarks

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Recently my father was in critical care unit of our local hospital. Through our faith and many prayers he has recovered and is doing well. While staying in the CCU waiting room for 30+ days, I noticed a lot of hurting people. I feel that these bookmarks of prayer and poems would help and comfort some of these people. The local churches and youth organizations provide snacks for the waiting room and the bookmarks could be put on the counter with the snacks for the people to take as they choose.

- Kathy Stewart (Oak Ridge, TN)

* * *

My daughters and I visit nursing home residents and these would be nice to hand out. Thanks so much.

- Carla Vaughan (Montgomery, AL)

* * *

These will be given to abused children through my being a casa (court appointed special advocate) for abused children.

- Mark Akers (Midland, IN)

* * *

We have a street ministry called Street Warriors for Jesus Christ. We play gospel music and go different places and hand out different things trying to bring just one lost soul to our Savior.

- Jackie Akers (Midland, IN)

* * *

I am a volunteer in my home town and we need to raise the spirits of the people after the tragedy of Sept.11 and now with this war...Please send and we will distribute all over the town and raise the spirit of the suffering...

- Sherl Powell (Round Rock, TX)

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