By Matthew David Black

Salvation Prayer & Eternity Bookmarks
Suzie Garcia (Santee,CA)
Archie Davenport (Berkeley, CA)
Dustin R. Woodrum (Wheelersburg, OH)
Dorshia Bennett (Lufkin, TX)
Amanda Dawn Bass (Whiteville, NC)
Paula Baker (Bedford, NH)

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By Matthew David Black
(c) 2002 Matthew David Black, all rights reserved

(This song talks about how life without God is)

I'm stranded without your hope.
I'm stranded without your love.
I'm stranded without you lord.


I'm nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
I am nothing at all without you Lord.
Cause if I don't have you
then I have nothing.
You made me, without you, I am nothing.


Without you, I'd be like a man
stranded on a desert island.
Helpless and lonely, scared and weak,
tired and discouraged,
without you. So come and save me, Lord
I need you now!

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Prayer & Eternity Bookmarks

The following are a few of this month's inspiring examples of
Caregivers Helping Hurting People by giving away Prayer
and Eternity Bookmarks.

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Salvation Prayer and Poem Bookmarks

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I love talking to people, I always have and always will (I
hope). There are people on public buses or at parks whom
I will talk with and bring up Jesus Christ. It's amazing that
most of them have never bothered to belive in him, yet they
seem so interested...and lost. I'd like something to share
with these people so they can remember what I've told them,
and maybe search for a deeper relationship with God

- Suzie Garcia (Santee,CA)

* * *

Hello my name is Archie Davenport. I am a freshmen at the
University of California, Berkeley. When I first arrived I noticed
how spiritually deprived the students at UC Berkeley are. I
am part of a ministry group called Campus Crusade for
Christ. We are always reaching out to students with free
bibles and invitations to bible studies. I think that a bookmark
to go with their new bibles would encourage them to read
and find their new life in Christ. We are very active on campus
and we table on UC Berkeley's main walkway so lots of
people pass by. Your donation would be appreciated. Thank
you for your help.

- Archie Davenport (Berkeley, CA)

* * *

I am going on a misiion trip to Glasgow, Scotland in July and
these bookmarks would be great to give to people during a
street ministry. I would also like to give some out on my
college campus. Thank you so very much for making these
available to people in need. God Bless you and your

- Dustin R. Woodrum (Wheelersburg, OH)

* * *

I am a 16 year old missionary, still in school so most of my
missionary work is done at my home city. With these
bookmarks I plan to give them to people that the Lord sends
me to minister to as well as new people to the awesome
Body of Christ. I want to be able to give to God's called
people something that will inspire them to read the word of
God. I know that the request may be high and if you are
limited that is fine. But thanks a lot for the donated

- Dorshia Bennett (Lufkin, TX)

* * *

My name is Amanda and I am almost 18 years old. I am
about to graduate High School in a couple weeks. I always
thought I was saved until a couple of months ago. I knew
that when I was little I went to get saved becaused I loved
Jesus and I believed in him. Well all through my life I took
God for granted until a new friend (which is now my
boyfriend) showed me that you didn't have to have all the
things of the world to be happy, because he had been in the
world before too. God put him in my life to give me the little
push I needed to find that there is happiness in doing God's
work. Now I just wish I could help open the eyes of my
friends the same way. I continue to pray for them, and I hope
you do too. I only have two weeks of school to witness to
them and show them what God has brought me from, Maybe
with your donation, one of there hearts will be touched. Let
me add, I never thought there could be such peace and joy in
my life...I want them to feel the same.

- Amanda Dawn Bass (Whiteville, NC)

* * *

We will be walking the streets of Manchester, NH talking and
ministering to mostly homeless and at-risk youth and adults.
We used to have a place where they could come but we no
longer have access to that building so the youth are just out
on the streets.

- Paula Baker (Bedford, NH)

* * *

I will gladly hand out these bookmarks on my high school
campus. There are so many people that need to hear GOD's
word. They are hurting and dying. I talk to them, but I'm sure
that everything I can give them would help.

- Laura Canady (Paragould, AR)

* * *

Hello, I want this donation to be made because I would like
to give them out in my school to people I know that need
GOD. I also will use some for a vacational bible school my
church is doing this summer and give it out to the new

- Jessica Tirado (Miami, FL)

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