By Ray Agnew
By Anne Louise Antonoff & Catherine Gortner
By Janice Gilbert
By Corbin Hodges
By Katherine
By Katherine MaKinney
By Matthew David Black

Prayer & Eternity Bookmarks
Rev. Douglas Wood (Jamestown, NY)
Brenda G. (Rice Lake, WI)
Amanda Terry (Helenwood, TN)
Karyn Campbell (Fort Myers, FL)

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By Ray Agnew
2001 Ray Agnew, all rights reserved

Christmas was so magical this year. With kids at age six and age three it
was really something special. Tori, our six year old just truly believes in
Santa and that was fun. Our three year old, Zane, had his first really "with
it" Christmas in that he was getting vibes from sister so he was very
caught up in the entire thing, too. Gosh I wish I could stop them from

The season's magic - both in terms of the birth of our Savior and in the
wonder and love of children and family - was enhanced by an astonishing
experience I had with my six year old daughter, Tori. Her birthday is
December 16, and her big present was to go to NY City with dad to see
Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. We had a fabulous time!

Well, one of Tori's favorite movies is Miracle on 34th Street. So on the walk
back to Penn Station we scooted over to 34th to hit Macy's. When I told her
we were on 34th Street, her eyes got very large and she said, "like the
movie?? Where is the store!?" I pointed out Macy's and she said, "That's
where the REAL Santa meets children." I told her we'd stop and see if he
was there.

After waiting in a long winding line that runs through "Santa Land" it was
finally our turn. An elf guided us to meet Santa, and as we walked in I had
to gather myself quickly, mind racing with explanations. But Tori smiled a
huge smile, and went up to Santa with a big hug. She sat on his lap, and
this big jolly old Santa had her laughing in no time. She told him what she
wanted and then I sat down with the two of them for a photo. It was grand!

So why did I have to "gather myself?" Because this particular Santa was
an African American. Thinking I'd have to explain how Santa is all races to
all children and how next time he might be Indian, or Chinese, it was me --
the 43 year-old -- who was caught short. Tori -- beautiful, beaming and
believing -- didn't bat an eye or question for one moment that this Santa
was the real Santa. And she shows everyone the photo saying, "Look --
daddy and I had our picture taken with the REAL Santa."

If I could preserve that moment and share it with the entire planet I think
folks would realize that the innocence of youth -- with no learned
prejudices or biases -- is how we should all approach life. After all, the
first "Santas" were wise men from the east bearing gifts for our Lord from
their homelands. They were a menagerie of races and beliefs, yet united
in their search for Christ, their search for life, salvation, and the good that
can be achieved if only we would allow ourselves.

I am so thankful for the lesson taught me this year by my daughter.

* * * * * * * *

By Anne Louise Antonoff & Catherine Gortner
(c) 2000, all rights reserved


God made mountains
Steady testaments
To unshakeable peace
God made forests
Garrisons of hope

God made stars
A twinkling canopy
Lulling us to wonder
God made wind
Caressing and refreshing

God made grass
Soft embracing cushion
Verdant canvas for life
God made flowers
Vibrant bouquets of color

God made birds
Flashing wings of beauty
They sing with their mate
They sing without their mate
They just sing

God made man
Times tired
Times inspired
Times of taking and giving
Time of strain, pain, then gain

God made rest, blessed

* * * * * * * *

By Janice Gilbert
© 2001 Janice Gilbert, all rights reserved


In a lonely hour and time
My heart ached for a needed friend;
So I sat and watched a leaf bend
And sway in the breeze.

It seemed content, and had
No other desire than to be
A tiny part of a small branch
Of a very large tree.

Little leaf, my friend,
Let me also have no other desire
But to be content, like you,
To be a small part of a larger whole

Allowing the breeze
Of God's purifying love
To bend me into whatever
To Him seems best.

* * * * * * * *

By Corbin Hodges
© 2001 Corbin Hodges, all rights reserved


What is this untouchable deep?
It's all that man cannot see and waits for peace.

That deep that longs for understanding of who you are.
And what human hands cannot feel.

It's what cries out in the night to be held and positioned,
Like a child being cradled to sleep.

It's that place with in, Oh Lord,
Only you can reach.

* * * * * * * *

By Katherine
(c) 2001 Katherine, all rights reserved

some kind of psalm

thank you that i'm enough,
that the curves and edges of my soul are yours
that you've fashioned some kind of miracle
from this flesh

I bow down in my heart
at the work of your hands
at the creation of a willow tree in the wind
i'm in awe at the touch of your breath on me

How hast thou made me
so delicately like the night air and the summer fields
you've worked in and out of my sight
to re create something of your land

And i praise you
and it's not even like these words
come from my mouth
they were formed long ago
before i was

There you were in the dawn of time
and after
your stillness eludes even
my imaginings
i don't know you; can't grasp all of you
but there you are--
your fingerprints on even my inmost being

Oh God i am but in pieces
not here, not there, i am not completed
my form takes shape inside
my heart reclines in your space
and yet in you, gently, at last.

* * * * * * * *

By Katherine MaKinney
© 2001 Katherine MaKinney, all rights reserved

He sent me a love song in the wind
you ask, how did I know it was from Him?
The scent was sweet, the sky was clear
He was in my heart and in the air

The flowers at my feet smiled at me
Here this is for you, just for you to see
The mountains rise above as if to say
He is so powerful and majestic, it will be okay.

The scenery around me is the work of His hands
It's all a gift of His grace, not of man's
This knowledge--too lofty for me to attain,
hangs in the wind, the love song's refrain.

* * * * * * * *

By Matthew David Black to his brother Jeremy Daniel Black
(Sept. 24, 2000)
(c)2000 Matthew David Black, all rights reserved

I know we may have had our ups and downs
I know we have exchanged so many blows
I know at times
I didn't really like you

But I hope you know
now and forever

That I love you brother
I'm proud of you
I'm glad of the man that you are
I'm glad of the bro you are to me
I'm glad of the advice you given me

I know we at times fought
I know we at times cried
And I hope you know

No matter what you may go through
No matter your pain

I'll be there
I will hold your head high
Facing the mountain and sky

I'm proud of you
No matter what
I'll stand by your side

For since the dawn of time
and to the end of time
And for all the time between
I'm your brother and your friend
You are one of my best

Even though we hardly saw eye to eye
Even though we had our fights
Always know down that dark path of life
I'm there and I will be there
Till the end of time

And always know
For today and for your tomorrow's

That I'll always be by your side
Loving you with all I am
For you are my bro and more importantly

You're my best friend.
And I'll always love you
No matter the cost
Forever and more
I'll be by your side

* * * * * * * *

Prayer & Eternity Bookmarks

The following are a few of this month's inspiring examples of
Caregivers Helping Hurting People by giving away Prayer
and Eternity Bookmarks.

To purchase bookmarks (nice stocking stuffers!) or request
a donation (such as for gift baskets for the needy) visit:
Salvation Prayer and Poem Bookmarks

* * *

I will be giving these bookmarks to Hurting people in the
Hospital, in Nursing homes, and to homeless people and
also to young people.... Thank you. Rev. Douglas Wood

- Rev. Douglas Wood (Jamestown, NY)

* * *

Can you please send me the free bookmarks? My husband
wanted me to leave the house and now I am in a group
home. I really do not want to be here but I have to be here, it
is the only place I can live or I would be homeless. They give
me 65.00 to live on for personal items. I would appreciate if
you would send me the bookmarks for free. My husband is
also divorcing me. Thanks!!

- Brenda G. (Rice Lake, WI)

* * *

Dear Destiny Music, I am a senior at Oneida High School.
This past year my class, the class of 2002, lost two students
in two seperate car accidents. The events had a profound
effect on my small community and school. I believe that now
more than ever the students of Oneida High need to know
that there is a purpose in everything. Even the things that go
wrong in our lives, even the bad things have a purpose with
God. I plan to distribute the bookmarks to the senior class. I
believe that they will help at least some to understand, cope,
and trust in God. Thank you for all you do. You really are an
inspiration. May Emily Marie and Matthew rest in peace.

- Amanda Terry (Helenwood, TN)

* * *

I do private duty care for the elderly and I know many who will be thrilled to recieve this gift.

- Karyn Campbell (Fort Myers, FL)

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