"You're Still Our God" By Stephen Michael Gannon
"Trout" By Susan
"An Irish Prayer" Traditional


By Stephen Michael Gannon
(c) 1999 Stephen Michael Gannon, all rights reserved

I wrote this song for my brother Tommy's wedding 15 years ago. He was a youth pastor, college professor, and principal of a Christian school. I got him back stage passes to an Amy Grant concert during his last days here. When he met her he tried to explain to her that he was struggling with cancer. The heartache was too much for him and he just broke down and burst into tears. Amy just held him for about fifteen minutes while he cried. He died of pancreatic cancer last year. During his last weeks here on earth he and I planned his memorial together. Thirteen people committed their lives to Christ at his memorial. This song is for him.


YOU'RE STILL OUR GOD (a wedding song)

Words and Music By Stephen Michael Gannon

Though a west wind never blows,
though a harvest moon slips by,
though some pest wipes out the crops,
and though a killer frost is nigh,

though a lame leg brings us down,
and though lightning strikes us twice,
though a barren womb is found,
and though a broken heart in life,
You're still our God.


And You and You alone are worthy.
Worthy until the end.
And we'd like to take this time to thank You,
that You have become our friend.

Though a west wind fills our sail,
though a harvest moon does shine,
though our crops have record sales,
and though the weather is divine,

though we walk upright through life,
though a blessed miracle,
though I always love my wife,
and we have kids a quiver full,

You're still our God.


All our lives we have reacted,
to circumstances that happen.
Now we ask that You'd be glorified.
Take our lives and make them holy.
Use them Lord to bring You glory.
Take our lives and You be glorified.
You're still our God.



By Susan

While fishing in a deep wild river gorge, I caught a beautiful native trout which I kept in the water until release. Descending very carefully down the steep granite slope to the water edge, I saw two other trout swim up on either side of the hooked one, all facing to the head of the pool and all abreast of one another. I was so moved by this display of love and help that I joined the trio in the river in order to safely release the caught trout. It swam away and I walked the river to find a way out of the steep canyon that could be climbed in wet boots. Fortunately a friend was fishing below me and pulled me to safety. That experience forever changed my beliefs about fly fishing as a "sport"; I now rarely fish and instead watch the beauty of trout movements in the water. God's powerful presence is everywhere.




May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
May the rains fall soft upon your fields
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand


* * * * * * * *

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