Today's special edition remembers September 11.
Fred Gortner's beautiful song "My Prayer" commerates
loss and love. To download the entire mp3 visit:

Fred writes, "The song 'My Prayer' was originally inspired by a
somewhat helpless sense of compassion that I was feeling
in my heart while watching a close loved one go through a
very difficult, sad and lonely period in her life. I was in the
midst of writing this song when the tragic events of
September 11th occurred. As I completed My Prayer in the
days that followed, it was impossible not to be influenced by
the powerful images of that horrible day and the painful
emotions evoked by watching so many innocent people
suffer such great loss and despair.
"The song took on a new meaning when I learned that a dear
friend and neighbor of ours had lost his life on Flight 93, the
hijacked plane that was seized back by its passengers over
the hills of Pennsylvania. At first, I was speechless in trying to
convey my feelings of sorrow to his widow. But I realized that
the message of 'MyPrayer' - one of hope and knowing that
you are never truly alone - was exactly what I wanted to share
with her.
"I completed the recording of the song earlier this year. With
the blessing of the person who provided the song's original
inspiration, 'My Prayer' reaches out to anyone struggling to
cope with feelings of uncertainty, loneliness and pain in their

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