Caregivers Helping Hurting People

These are just few examples of where bookmarks have been given before April 2001.
Beginning April 2001, each month a few inspiring examples of
"Caregivers Helping Hurting People" are chosen
and published in the Destiny Music Newsletter...
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We are going out to the hospitals and nursing homes to share Gods word and we thank you so much for letting us give them a place to start with Christ - Richard (Caldwell, ID)

We see over 100 clients per month at the Pregnancy Care Center. Many of our clients choose to accept Christ as their savior during a counseling session at our center. A small bookmark like this would be a perfect reminder to put in the Bible that we give them to remind them of their decision. - Lisa (Martinsville, IN)

I am the parent of a premature infant born at 25 weeks weighing 1lb 11 oz. She is now 18 months old, and by the grace of God, is perfect. I go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at my local hospital to offer support to the parents of premature infants. Prayer is very important to them. I would love to give them the bookmarks. - Sue Ellen (Lake Worth, FL)

I have several uses, I am affiliated with our local crisis pregnancy center, and many of these bookmarks will go into their materials for new mothers. I am also involved in a local group dedicated to victims of violent crimes, and the remainder will go there. (I do wish to keep one of each for myself and my mother, but that's it) Thanks! - Tamara (Columbia, MO)

The Larry Mullinax Ministries Is a ministry that reaches out to shut-ins, those with terminal illnesses or catostrophic illnesses, blind and handicapped.We do a monthly taped program that is southern gospel music, encouragement and the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are always sending out booklets (text, taped or braille) and the bookmarks would be ideal to add in. It allows us to be with them all month rather than for just 90 minutes during the 99,we sent out over 7000 tapes and in 2000, we sent out over 850. All free of charge. God has blessed us. God bless and I pray you can help me minister and share the gospel by fufilling our request. I might just add that the founder of the ministry himself has a terminal illness and has carried out this ministry after being called of God. - Larry (Perryton, TX)

To hand out to people in the hospital. I have been out of work since the last of March, due to breast cancer. I thought it would be a nice gesture to pass these out to many like me. - Terry Sue (Terre Haute, IN)

I am 31 yrs. old and over the past 2 yrs. have encountered countless medical problems. These problems seem to be heart related and I recently underwent surgery to try to correct the problem. At my last visit to the hospital I realized that I was by far the youngest person on the cardiac floor and was bothered that alot of the patients had no visitors at all. I would like to take the bookmarks around to some of the elderly patients there that are not as fortunate as myself to have the love and support of family members. I hope that the verses on the bookmarks will give them the hope that may otherwise be lacking. - Lisa (Angier, NC)

I am requesting the bookmarks to give away at al-anon and aa meetings. I am currently in a situation where I need to see something like this daily to remind me of God's message and I know alot of the people in my group are the same way. I think that any message from a higher power will help and since we use daily meditations and the big book it would be a perfect way to mark our place. Thank-You and God Bless! - Brinda (Vermilion, OH)

I have an online Ministry and I send cards, letters, prayer cloths and encouragement to those in hospitals and those needing prayer. I go through 5-10 stamps and letters per day everyday because I care about Gods people. The unsaved are just souls waiting to be ministered to and I love blessing them with bookmarks because I always get a good response from the unsaved and I know it blessed them that someone cares. God bless you for what you do also. - Jen (Smithfield, NC)

Chapel at the hospital that I work at - Raelynn (Freeport, IL)

Give out at a cancer office - Michael (Madison, OH)

To give to nursing home patients - Audrey (Marshalltown, IA)

Distribute to Senior Citizens in our local nursing homes - Steve (W. Lafayette, OH)

I work in a nursing home and would like to distribute them to residents - Cara (Brown Deer, WI)


I live in a very large community and there are so many hurting people here and no one seems to care. How wonderful if they could know that Jesus loves them and cares for them, and it would give us an opportunity to get to know these people. Thank you. - Lee (Phoenix, AZ)

I work at a homeless shelter and would love to have something like this to give to those I can speak to Christ about. I also would like to give them to the members of my teen youth group at church to be able to give to their friends when they are sharing the gospel with them. Thank you. - Patricia (Goldsboro, NC)

I am a part of street ministry and we go door-to-door witnessing and I think that this bookmark is a excellent tool I would really appreciate it. - Stephanie (Beaumont, TX)

I am the Awana commander at our church and we often reach into the homes of the unsaved children who come to our club. This is a great tool to leave with those parents - something they won't consider to be too threatening, like perhaps a tract might be. - Jennifer (Phoenix, AZ)

We are a growing church that has just opened in Banbury and one in Oxford. I am one of the church leaders, the Bookmarks will be distributed to visiters and people in need of God's work whether were on the streets evangilising or in the meetings. - Katherine (Oxfordshire, England)

My husband is a truck driver and it is amazing the number of people he has reached and witnessed to on the job and in truckstops. He has already passed out numerous New Testaments and I thought these bookmarks would also be good. - Denise & Chris (Dry Branch, GA)

The bookmarks will be used in baskets given out by our church's ladies aux. We try to show people God's love when giving out the baskets and tape a scripture to each item in the basket. I think the bookmarks would be a great plus in the baskets. Thank you and God Bless. - Sharon (Providence Forge, VA)

To place in baskets to be taken to given to the needy around the Holidays - Christy (Warrior, AL)

The 'Open Door' (See, I have set before you an open door, Rev. 3:8) is the name of our compassionate minsitries food service programs. We started our food pantry just this month and with God's help we will be starting a soup kitchen in April. Other programs are planned as well. The book marks would be used as handouts as a subtle reminder of God's work and the power of prayer. - Pamela (Stow, PN)

Deaf Leadership/Deaf Ministry Workshop - Glenda (Westmoreland, KS)

New people in town, nursing home - Jacquelyn (Monette, AZ)

I would like to give these out to people that I work with. About 7 of them are lost and the other 3 are not, but they could still use encouragement in their journey - Casey (Newtown, WV)

I am involved with the music and healing ministry myself and also with secular organizations and would like to use this resource to help others get closer to Him - Cyndy (Ligonier, PN)

I plan to distribute these bookmarks out to the people as I pass them on the street. This is one of the best ways to reach some folks. - Theresa (Clay, WV)

I am requesting bookmarks to add to 'Salvation Flyers' that I personally mail and distribute out to people in my community at my own expense. I am a housewife and God has given me this project to help reach lost souls and hurting ones. The bookmarks are perfect for getting the attention with God's powerful, annointed word along with my flyers, or even seperate. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to request for these wonderful bookmarks and to also assist me in my ministering to people in my area. - Mischelle (Gainesville, MO)

Evangelism Explosion teams can distribute while out telling the gospel. - Laureen (Mentor, Ohio)

We are sharing them with all in the area. - Kiki (Atlanta, GA)

Planning on handing out door to door as an invite to church - Evelyn (Abingdon, IL)

Anyone I can give them to - Mary (Strunk, KY)

Hopefully people will be saved, random passing out - Doreen (Westminster, CO)

Distribute to the unsaved, give hope to the hopeless! - Rena (Euless, TX)

We have done an excellent job of distributung in ga. and la. The bookmarks are a winner. -Thomas (Atlanta, GA)

These bookmarks will be distributed to the Discipleship and Prayer Ministry at my local church. When people come to the house of God and want to join our fellowship, we need to be able to give them something to hold on to as they read the Word of God through their studies. - Lelo (Port Arthur, TX)

Church mission fair - Barbara (Kensington, MD)


As the youth member of our church's evangelism team, I'm always looking for ways of reaching out to people of all tastes and ages. Bookmarks are great, because everyone, from kids to college student to seniors, can use them. If I can bring some examples of this bookmarks to our meeting, we might decide to allocate part of our budget. Well, I thought this was worth a try! Thanks! - Nicole (Kenosha, WI)

I am the president of the bible club at our school. The school wants nothing to do with us and refuses to help us raise any money for anything. We meet once a week during our lunch period and I would like for our club to get something, something that they would enjoy. We tried to get t-shirts, but our principal would not help us with fundraising. If you were to choose me, I would give the bookmarks to the members of the club because I know they would enjoy them and they have been really upset about not being able to have any funds for the club. - Jessica (Nampa, ID)

My college is located in an area with many non-Christian, unchurched residents. Many are fairly new immigrants to the area, and some even to the United States. We plan to reach out to these people, encouraging them to find God and a church home. We have been looking for sources to help us talk to them, and this seems to be perfect. We would greatly appreciate it if you would send the bookmarks. They will be used well. In God's love, Catherine (Mount Berry, GA)

I will give them to my friends who are in my philosophy class who deny Christ as Lord and base their claims on nothing. - Christine (Berkeley, CA)

I am a student at FSU. I would like bookmarks to distribute at various collegiate events. As, for the events, they will be various types ranging from Gospel Choir concerts to mid-week student gatherings in the student union. - Jino (Tallahassee, FL)

I would like to have our youth group pass these out when they go on their outreach projects. We live in a city just like so many others. There are hurting people everywhere. Drugs and alcohol run rampant in every neighborhood. We have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the nation. People need the Lord!!! - Angee (Waco, TX)

We are in a very small community with limited access to resources and our small church focuses on youth and therefore spends what little we do have to pay mortgage and on youth. I am the youth pastor and I diligently search out affordable or free resources to reach anyone that will listen! Thank you so much for these, and I will bless someone with them. - Brian (Ketchum, OK)

We have organized a Youth Group in our church for ages 12-19, trying to encourage them to get to know God and what he can do for you. We have about 20 regular youth coming to our meetings. We need all the help we can get to get the word across to this age group. Thanks - Jacqueline (Council, NC)

To give out to our church teens to use as an evangelistic tool to invite friends to church. - Kay (Woodbridge, VA)

I am a Sunday school teacher and I have a church bus route. I work with kids and adults that are from the projects or inner city. They are poor. I try to help meet their needs and sometimes the children's wants. I also try to give them god and lead them to salvation. These bookmarks of yours will be helpful and I request as many as you can send. - Nancy (York, SC)

I am a Youth Leader for Appalachian Ministries at Cumberland College (in Williamsburg, Kentucky). We've been missionaries traveling around the area picking up kids and youth and doing bible studies with them. These bookmarks would be wonderful to distribute to the youth when we talk about Salvation. Thank you and God Bless :) - Michelle (Williamsburg, KY)

I distributed the bookmarks you send to my church youngsters, they found it very useful. Frankly speaking I never expected the bookmarks to be of this good quality, Thanks for exceeding my expectations - Juby (Tamil Nadu, India)

I am on the pta board at my son's school and we have a huge festival there each year. I thought giving these out to the families at one of our booths would be a great way to spread God's word!!! thank you so much!! - Arlene (Elcajon, CA)

I am a teacher, Sunday School teacher, Girl Scout leader, and business owner. I would love to be able to pass them out as appropriate and needed! Thank you! They are beautiful!! - Donna (Rockford, IL)

I will be handing them out to children in Bible School, and using them as a tool, for the children to strike up conversations with strangers and their playmates from school. - Rheta (Jacksonville, FL)

I am a substitute teacher and plan to give these out to students I feel would help spread the word of God's love and mercy. I have had a chance to witness to students before and I feel these would be a welcome help to my witnessing. Whether or not you send the free ones or not, I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing and wish I was in the financial position to help you. - Sharon (Smyrna, TN)

I am a homeschool teacher. I would like to share them with my students, and also with a Christian school a few miles away. They don't have a lot of funds with which to buy things for their students. - Michelle (South Portsmouth, KY)

Distribute to Girl Scout Troop - Karen (Newville, PN)


I work in a christian orphanage home run by the Danish Missionary Society, in Tiruvannamalai, India. I need the bookmarks to do my ministry as I do youth ministry and children's ministry in my home town. - Paul (Tiruvannamalai, India)


I do volunteer work at the county detention center and a maximum security prison here in Abilene, both with a local church group. We have to follow very strict guideline as far as things we can give them. Bookmarker are an acceptable item. I appreciate the gift and believe through both groups that I work with, we will be doing business in the future. In His Grip, Steve (Abilene, TX)

Greetings in the Name of Jesus! My name is Gary Moreland and after serving Jesus in full time ministry as a 'Yard Pastor' at the prison I was in, doing a sentence of 10 to 30 years, God has opened the door for me to continue in my calling now that I'm free in body. Jesus made me really free in 1987, I became bodily free in 1997 and have since started a prison ministry here in the same city where I was incarcerated. My beautiful wife, Kathleen and I go into missions, jails and prisons to reach the lost and God is doing an awesome work through the ministry. We have just launched the ministry out of pocket and so we have no money for anything except to pay the bills at the moment but we are faith believers and know that as we are faithful in the small beginnings God will bless our work and meet all our needs according to His riches in glory, Amen! I just thought that your bookmarkers would be a very nice little gift to hand out in the places we are sent to. Thank you for what ever you can send and it is our prayer that as you sow into good ground that God would cause a 100 fold return on your seed in Jesus' Name! Amen! - Gary (Muskegon, MI)

I am part of the prison ministry for my church and I would like to be able to give a little something to the prisoners that I see each month. If you can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it and so would the people that would be receiving them. - Grace (Hilliard, FL)

I want to distribute them to prisoners in a prison where we go for a church service every week. We have been going there for many years and I think that things like bookmarks and such would be an encouragement for those men. - Kathy (Vinemont, AL)

I plan to use these bookmarks in gift baskets for teen moms through my ministry outreach. I minister in juvenile centers and throught he Emerson Teen parent program and I would like to give these bookmarks to encourage young women to give their hearts to the Lord. These bookmarks would be an encouragement to them. - Paula (Oklahoma City, OK)

Outreach ministry for church - main area would be to distribute at local jails, but also some to nursing homes - Grace (Jacksonville, FL)

Visitation at the local jail. - Cassandra (Elizabethtown, KY)

The bookmarks will be used for unsaved persons in our Church's Adopt-A-Block program, we visit the homes of unsaved persons and witness to them. They will also be used for our jail ministry. Thank you very much! - Angela (Springfield, OH)


Distribute from library to students in school - Alberta, Librarian (Faribault, MN)

Elementary school library - Kay (Mooresville, IN)