Like great food, Destiny* Music is packed with artistic antioxidents for your soul. Here you'll find creativity that's fresh, alive and healthy. Destiny Music authors and artists create inspirational smoothies for your spirit!

Destiny Music sponsors a quarterly newsletter. Sharing our personal, unique stories with our Father and Jesus Christ can be encouraging and warming. Revealing His grace through our hearts touches others in this trying world. Out of over a thousand who receive the newsletter, someone will appreciate what you've shared.

Destiny Music also offers salvation prayer and poem bookmarks for sharing your faith with others. These photo-finish glossy bookmarks are beautiful gifts and tend to be found tucked away in pages around the house.

And Destiny Music provides additional resources on Christian faith. Destiny Music artists have shared their hearts in ways that may resonate with you. Destiny Music articles are free to distribute. And excellent books are suggested.

Catherine Gortner is the founder and interior decorator behind the scenes at Destiny Music. Catherine is a non-denominational, charismatic Christian who believes the Bible is more literal than metaphorical. She's completed graduate courses in Theology and Christian Apologetics from Biola University (associated with Talbot Seminary) and is a member of Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose.

* Destiny
means a predetermined course of events
that are not accidents.

Destiny has a purpose...
Destiny connects people,
Destiny inspires.

With Destiny, there's Music from heart to heart.
Destiny is the call of Jesus Christ.


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