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Name:  Laurie Vincent    Email:   
Company:  Ministry Networks
Location:  London, Ontario Canada
Via:  search engine
24   Tuesday, 4 December 2001 - 02:08:50pm
Hi Catherine,
Just wanted to drop you a note and introduce myself to you. Ministry Networks distributes music to Christian Radio and I noticed that your website mentioned you were not taking any more artists. Perhaps there is something we can do to help. I would love to discuss your ministry. I think your site and the work with the bookmarks is awsome and I'm sure that there is a way we could be of some assistance.
Blessings in Christ,
Laurie Vincent
Name:  Josef Klus    Email:   
Location:  Venice, CA USA
23   Sunday, 20 August 2000 - 09:50:53pm
Nice site. Nice Don and Barry cover.
Name:  Columba Nwosu    Email:   
Location:  Dallas, TX 
22   Saturday, 19 August 2000 - 10:31:52pm
Catherine, it is amazing what God can do with and through one yielded life! God is raising men and women to go and take what the enemy has stolen from the Church years ago.
And thanks be to God for women and men like Catherine and these others who are ready to put their lives on the line and make a difference for our God.
I was blessed going through this site and I trust it will bless others as they come to this fountain to drink fresh water and that without money. Hallelujah!!!
Name:  juby thomas    Email:   
Location:  Chennai, Tamil nadu INDIA
Via:  search engine
21   Wednesday, 9 August 2000 - 07:19:20am
Frankly speaking I never expected your bookmarks of this good quality. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.
Juby Thomas
Name:  Rena    Email:   
Via:  search engine
20   Saturday, 22 July 2000 - 02:44:37pm
Hi! I just wanted to say that this is really an awesome site!! I hope people will be saved from it!! Alot of people here are saved but alot of them are not too. Hopefully I or someone else will witness to them!
God Bless You!
Name:  Melissa Cawthorne    Email:   
Location:  626 Mississippi Ave., Signal Mountain, TN 37377 USA
19   Wednesday, 14 June 2000 - 04:18:05am


Here in the Chattanooga, TN area we have many less unfortunate elderly. My goal is to make their Christmas a little happier this year. So many of our elderly have no one and I have made it my goal to make gift baskets for the elderly in nursing homes and gift boxes for less fortunate in their own homes. I will distribute each box and basket myself and visit with these wonderful people. I have 6 months to accomplish my goal and beleive that I can make a difference in these peoples lives. Love is a wonderful gift and I have plenty to share. I have written many, many, companies asking for donations of any type (NOT MONEY)
Can foods, fruit, blankets, just about anything that these people can use. Since I'm not an organization I am getting nothing but negative reponses. Please keep me in your prayers and PLEASE If anyone can help me reach my goal please let me know. Maybe you know someone in a grocery store that donates dented cans or dented boxed foods. I NEED ANYTHING that can benefit our forgotton elderly. Thank you Catherine for lifting my spirits and proving that there are caring people in this world!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
Name:  Melissa Cawthorne    Email:   
Location:  Signal Mountain, TN USA
18   Tuesday, 13 June 2000 - 05:26:02pm
Dear Catherine,
Thank you for helping me in my goal!! It is very difficult to get donations when you are 1 person. I have written at least 100 letters trying to receive can goods, blankets, fruit or anything that will benefit the elderly during Christmas time and you have been my only response. You have been an inspiration to me and I appreciate you in helping me reach my goal to be able to bring our less fortunate a little love they deserve this Christmas Season!! I will reach this goal with your help and the help of the Lord!!!
..Melissa, you are an inspiration with your enthusiasm to help the needy. A few hands and hearts sharing your vision is the miracle I pray is around the corner for you. Destiny Music will help as we can. I feel blessed He brought your vision to us!
Name:  Leigh Westmoreland Dowe    Email:   
Company:  Salem Radio Network
Location:  Dallas, Texas USA
17   Sunday, 21 May 2000 - 08:02:36pm
Dear Catherine! Isn't God so amazing? He put us in the same industry! :)In His Grip! Leigh
...I was able to find another photo of Daniel on Leigh's secret site! :-) Catherine

Name:  Leigh Westmoreland Dowe    Email:   
Company:  SRN (Salem Radio Network)
Location:  Dallas, TX 
16   Saturday, 20 May 2000 - 09:39:00pm
Dear Catherine! I am so excited about your company. God knew the plans that He had for us, when we were just kids. It's neat to see what He is doing in 2000 in our lives! Your Sister in Jesus, Leigh
...This photo is of Leigh's son, Daniel!
Location:  Redondo Beach, CA USA
15   Sunday, 30 April 2000 - 01:03:28am
Dear all, we have a brand new Visitors Book!! You can link your web site, post a photo, and say hello! The search feature is handy, too. Thanks, Ron Woolley! PS... all the other entries below are from Catherine's friends and the very first Book when Destiny Music was just getting started (9/99-10/99 were the actual dates in the first Book)!
Name:  Catherine  
Company:  Destiny Music
Location:  Redondo Beach, CA USA
14   Sunday, 30 April 2000 - 00:55:22am
This is a test entry for Catherine. You know how to send a picture now, but see if you can work out how to activate a moderated entry "on hold" and then activate your own picture.
Best regards.
PS: where did we get the fashion picture from????
..Cindi, my brother's wife, is quite the photographer! She snapped this during a family vacation in Hawaii last Christmas... a lil' island sun like you down under :-)
Name:  Ron Woolley    Email:   
Company:  HostingNet
Location:  Melbourne, Victoria Australia
13   Sunday, 30 April 2000 - 00:53:59am
Installation test!! the way, all Ron Woolley's web site scripts (email subscription/unsubscription, traffic counter, recommend-the-site, visitors book etc. are truly terrific products. They're robust and very detailed but I can actually use them :-) And his installation fees are reasonable. You can tell I'm (Catherine) a fan!
Name:  Nathan Oshidari    Email:   
Location:  Los Angeles, CA USA
12   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:40:06pm
Catherine, you are such an inspiring individual. Thanks for sharing so many of your thoughts, and now your beautiful work with me (and the world)!
Name:  Udana Power    Email:   
Location:  Los Angeles, CA USA
11   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:39:33pm
Dear Catherine: I love this site! Thanks for including me in your inspiring-mail. And your inspiring life. The book you lent me has changed my life. More later. Blessings, Udana
Name:  Adam Lichtl    Email:   
Location:  Pasadena, CA USA
10   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:38:37pm
This is a great site, with lots of beautiful music!
Name:  Cindi Gortner  
Location:  LA, CA USA
09   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:34:57pm
Hi Catherine! Wow what a beautiful web site this is! It's amazing! Thanks for sharing it with me! I love you! Cindi
Name:  Craig Richardson    Email:   
Location:  LA, CA USA
08   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:33:11pm
Very Nice Site !
Name:  Jonathan  
Location:  LA, CA USA
07   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:32:20pm
Catherine,Hey thanks for the great CD. I have it at work and I must have listened to it at least fifteen times. Not at all the type of music I imagined, honestly, not really knowing what to expect. It's so beautiful and calming. I enjoyed hanging with you and Tanya last Sunday. Let's do it again soon. God Bless you, girl! Jonathan
Name:  Alex Segovia    Email:   
Location:  Torrance, CA USA
06   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:31:34pm
Catherine, great site, keep writing the songs on your heart. I know that we all have a song to sing and we should sing it. So let it pour out, see you. Aloha oe.
Name:  Paul Lemire    Email:   
Location:  Redondo Beach, CA USA
05   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:28:31pm
Catherine- way to go! This is great. Keep up the good work and I'll most likely see you at the Open Mic at the Steakout. If not, at Yesterday's on Saturday evening. Paul
Name:  Judy Weldon    Email:   
Location:  Port St. Lucie, FL USA
04   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:27:48pm
Hi Catherine, I really enjoyed visiting your new website. The pictures are great and you already know how much I love your music. May God bless your ministry in song and guide your destiny! Warmest wishes, Judy Welden
Name:  Anne Louise    Email:   
Location:  New Haven, CT USA
03   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:26:21pm
Catherine, you are full of grace! Congratulations, and keep the songs and smiles coming...
Name:  Tanya    Email:   
Location:  LA, CA USA
02   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:25:28pm
Congratulations on your new site! I particularly like your bio and the pictures that accompany it! Your destiny is on the horizon...
Name:  Todd Florey  
01   Saturday, 29 April 2000 - 11:08:34pm
Catherine, very nice website! Praise God! I am looking forward to listening to your songs but enjoyed reading yourBio and the song backgrounds. What Sierra river are you referring to? Does "off the ladder" mean you aren't going to work in the computer busisness? Take care and God bless,Todd

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