My Prayer

My Prayer (mp3 download)

The song "My Prayer" was originally inspired by a somewhat helpless sense of compassion that I was feeling in my heart while watching a close loved one go through a very difficult, sad and lonely period in her life. I was in the midst of writing this song when the tragic events of September 11th occurred. As I completed "My Prayer" in the days that followed, it was impossible not to be influenced by the powerful images of that horrible day and the painful emotions evoked by watching so many innocent people suffer such great loss and despair.
The song took on a new meaning when I learned that a dear friend and neighbor of ours had lost his life on Flight 93, the hijacked plane that was seized back by its passengers over the hills of Pennsylvania. At first, I was speechless in trying to convey my feelings of sorrow to his widow. But I realized that the message of "MyPrayer" - one of hope and knowing that you are never truly alone - was exactly what I wanted to share with her.
I completed the recording of the song earlier this year. With the blessing of the person who provided the song's original inspiration, "My Prayer" reaches out to anyone struggling to cope with feelings of uncertainty, loneliness and pain in their lives.
Fred Gortner is a songwriter who lives with his wife and two children near Los Angeles,California. He has a day job.

My Prayer (mp3 download)
For all who suffered a loss on Sept. 11
By Fred Gortner

Hello, God. Yeah, it's been a while.
I hope you can hear my voice.
See, I was hoping for a favor from you,
For someone I know.

She's on her own now and she's not really sure of
The plan you've got in store.
But I can hear her as she's calling out to you,
To help her open the door.

And I don't really know what's true,
But I know she believes in you.

So be the love that stands beside her,
A harbor, safe and warm.
Her shelter whenever she's scared.
Be a shoulder she can cry on,
The fire that keeps her warm,
Be the one who will always be there.

And when the load seems too great to bear,
And she's lost her way home,
Just promise me, Lord, you'll be standing right there
To lead her back to your door.

I know we all seem to need something from you,
But here's all I'm asking you to do...

Be the sunrise in the morning
As she wakens to the day.
The smile that brightens her way.
Be a shoulder she can cry on,
The fire that keeps her warm,
Be the one who will always be there.

Be a brother she can lean on,
The light that leads her home.
Be the answer to all her prayers.


© 2001 Frederick Gortner,
All Rights Reserved.

Fred and his daughter, Devyn